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Ghostwire: Tokyo is urgent numerous buttons. Blending martial arts with magic, including a slightly of surrealist imagery, underlying that with components of supernatural horror, and packing the entire thing in a semi-open-world narrative journey, the PS5 console unique isn’t messing round relating to carving out an area for itself. It’s a hodgepodge of ideas that’s as tantalizing for its mixture as for its promise.

Set within the titular town, Ghostwire: Tokyo pits reluctant hero Akito in opposition to an invasion drive of demonic spirits. Those ‘Guests’ have taken up place of dwelling within the city after its inhabitants vanishes in a single day. In fact, they’re as much as no excellent, and will have to be stopped through monitoring down and defeating the mastermind in their possessive operation: Hannya, the mask-wearing villain who’s decorated lots of the sport’s promo photographs.

All of the whilst there are family members to rescue, possible allies to rally through your facet, and town districts to disencumber from the encroaching darkness. Oh, and Akito is possessed through a spirit himself – a pleasant one, although, and a former ‘ghosthunter’ that used to be pursuing Hannya sooner than he passed away. Within the 30 minutes hands-off demo I noticed, that every one performed out as a surrealist semi-linear journey, which walked on the subject of an immersive sim now and then.

Airy weaving and crude karate

(Symbol credit score: Bethesda)

The phase I previewed comes early within the sport. Protagonist Akito stumbles thru Tokyo’s deserted streets encountering its new demonic denizens for the primary time whilst making pals with the spirit dwelling within his head. Those early parts are in large part linear, with the participant often coming throughout teams of evil Guests to ship again into the void or jumbles of particles to scale briefly first-person platforming segments. Some enemies are bent phantasmal figures that put on twisted smiles, whilst others are faceless fits that glance nearer to drab Jap salarymen than the servants of hell.

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All, on the other hand, will have to be torn aside the usage of Akito’s karate-meets-magic spellcasting skills, or ‘airy weaving’ because the devs name it. Fight in Ghostwire: Tokyo doesn’t contain martial arts such a lot as making complicated hand indicators to shoot spells out of your fingertips. With out a punching, kicking, or wild somersaulting during the air, it’s a little of a fudge, and the ones hoping for a full-blown brawler received’t to find it right here. For a lot of the preview, fight is a gradual back-and-forth, because the participant throws down hand indicators sooner than stepping again to dodge incoming assaults.

“There’s mysticism at paintings right here, making the bizarre creatures of the sport and the magic you utilize to defeat them seem nearly psychedelic”

It’s no much less visually spectacular, although. Of the 3 primary skills I’m proven, one comes to the participant capturing a bolt of power from their fingers to wreck and stumble enemies, whilst a 2d sees them unharness tendrils of yellow lightning that wrap round incoming spirits, squeezing them tightly, sooner than shattering them into tiny items. Within the 3rd, Akito summons a protecting forcefield to dam incoming blows. It’s all colourful, massive, and by no means refined.

The participant later alternatives up a bow so as to add some ranged, silent firepower to their stock. Blended being able to stealth-kill enemies, you’re in a position to sneak round teams of spirits or pick out them off one after the other. However for probably the most section, it seems like you’ll be charging full-throttle into the fray, unleashing your airy weaves sooner than the similar is completed again to you.

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Surreal psychedelia

(Symbol credit score: Bethesda)

The place Ghostwire: Tokyo actually seems to return to existence, on the other hand, is in its surroundings. This Tokyo isn’t the city of smog and bustling commuters we generally see, however a town that’s been damaged. Side road lighting fixtures glitch in and misplaced, bikes hover 10 ft within the air, and mailboxes twist round themselves. Maximum of that is performed for thematic functions, coloring the sector somewhat than letting you have interaction with it, however those system defects and otherworldly happenings can even funnel you alongside the streets, dictating your growth.

In a single phase, the participant is tasked with getting into an condo development to fetch the possessions of the ghosthunter spirit that’s made itself at house in Akito’s head. They input the flat, rummage round a little, and stroll out the door to search out the development surrounded through a mystical drive box combating their break out. As they discover the development to damage the ‘barrier stones’ maintaining them trapped, the entire complicated is morphed with ‘underworld interference.’ Gadgets randomly materialize sooner than temporarily disappearing, hallways rotate round them, whole partitions vanish, and corridors are changed through whole cityscape vistas.

It’s probably the most extra clearly linear parts of the preview however provides a excellent indication of the place Ghostwire: Tokyo is heading. This isn’t a immediately fable sport, neither is it as cyberpunk as earlier advertising and marketing subject matter would possibly counsel. There’s mysticism at paintings right here, making the bizarre creatures of the sport and the magic you utilize to defeat them seem nearly psychedelic.

An open global

A bolt of lightning shooting from the players palm

(Symbol credit score: Bethesda)

However it’s no longer all linear. Gamers can transfer in regards to the global freely, opening up extra spaces for them to discover through purifying Tori gates of corruption through killing the teams of enemies that experience taken keep watch over of them. 

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It’s a well-known beat that’s been performed over and over in Ubisoft’s open-world video games, despite the fact that the transient glimpses of the overworld map proven all through the preview didn’t counsel this sport is overfilled with outposts to transparent or waypoints to search out. Within the segment I noticed, a minimum of, the participant naturally came about upon probably the most Tori gates, somewhat than in search of it out.

“Ghostwire: Tokyo begins to endure a resemblance to immersive sims like Dishonored”

There are occasional facet quests, too. At one level, Akito meets the spirit of a pleasant previous woman who can handiest mission onto the underworld if her thoughts is put at relaxation. A brief stopover in an deserted area, adopted through a short lived exorcism of the sinister landlord occupying the home, and the participant’s fulfilled her want, incomes a praise for his or her troubles.

Couple that facet content material with the sport’s semi-open global, a easy persona ability tree to growth thru for brand spanking new skills, and the choice to buy upgrades at retail outlets (which simply so occur to be run through spirits that take the type of floating cats), and Ghostwire: Tokyo begins to endure a resemblance to immersive sims like Dishonored. It doesn’t glance to have the liberty that many video games of that style boast or the verticality, however there are hints of that freedom of motion during the demonstration.

Extra to return

An abandoned Tokyo plaza

(Symbol credit score: Bethesda)

A few large questions are nonetheless up within the air. The intensity of Ghostwire: Tokyo’s fight wasn’t absolutely explored, nor used to be there a lot point out of the variety of skills you’ll wield. Its ranges, too, are nonetheless a thriller – will it’s an absolutely open global or break up into discrete explorable segments?

From observing a 30 minutes demo of the sport, although, I’m excited. Between its surrealistic environments and ambition, Ghostwire: Tokyo is unquestionably probably the most bolder titles coming to PS5 and PC in the following few weeks.