New experiment may verify the 5th state of topic within the universe

FIG. 1. Diagrammatic illustration of the positron–electron annihilation procedure. (a) Usual positron–electron annihilation procedure that produces two 511 keV gamma photons simplest and (b) positron–electron annihilation procedure that produces two 511 keV gamma photons and two further low calories photons from data erasure. Credit score: AIP Advances (2022). DOI: 10.1063/5.0087175

An experiment that might verify the 5th state of topic within the universe—and alter physics as we are aware of it—has been revealed in a brand new paper from the College of Portsmouth.

Physicist Dr. Melvin Vopson has already revealed analysis suggesting that data has mass and that every one fundamental debris, the smallest identified development blocks of the universe, retailer details about themselves, very similar to the way in which people have DNA.

Now, he has designed an experiment—which if proved right kind—method he’ll have found out that data is the 5th type of topic, along forged, liquid, fuel and plasma.

Dr. Vopson mentioned: “This is able to be a eureka second as a result of it will trade physics as we are aware of it and extend our figuring out of the universe. Nevertheless it wouldn’t war with any of the prevailing regulations of physics.

“It doesn’t contradict quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics or classical mechanics. All it does is supplement physics with one thing new and extremely thrilling.”

Dr. Vopson’s earlier analysis means that data is the elemental development block of the universe and has bodily mass.

He even claims that data might be the elusive darkish topic that makes up nearly a 3rd of the universe.

He mentioned: “If we suppose that data is bodily and has mass, and that fundamental debris have a DNA of details about themselves, how are we able to turn out it? My newest paper is set placing those theories to the take a look at so they may be able to be taken critically by means of the clinical neighborhood.”

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Dr. Vopson’s experiment proposes find out how to stumble on and measure the guidelines in an fundamental particle by means of the usage of particle-antiparticle collision.

He mentioned: “The guidelines in an electron is 22 million occasions smaller than the mass of it, however we will be able to measure the guidelines content material by means of erasing it.

“We all know that whilst you collide a particle of topic with a particle of antimatter, they annihilate every different. And the guidelines from the particle has to head someplace when it’s annihilated.”

The annihilation procedure converts the entire last mass of the debris into calories, normally gamma photons. Any debris containing data are transformed into low-energy infrared photons.

Within the find out about Dr. Vopson predicts the precise calories of the infrared photons attributable to erasing the guidelines.

Dr. Vopson believes his paintings may reveal that data is a key element of the whole thing within the universe and a brand new box of physics analysis may emerge.

Quantity of knowledge in visual universe quantified

Additional information:
Melvin M. Vopson, Experimental protocol for trying out the mass–calories–data equivalence theory, AIP Advances (2022). DOI: 10.1063/5.0087175
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New experiment may verify the 5th state of topic within the universe (2022, March 21)
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