‘Hawkeye’ Characters Taken care of Into Their Hogwarts Homes

As franchises move, the MCU is full of characters who will have to act with bravery, wit, and resourcefulness within the face of bigger forces operating in opposition to them. This may no longer be more true than for Clint Barton, Kate Bishop, and co. in the most recent Disney+ collection, Hawkeye. The characters of Harry Potter will have to abide by means of identical ethical and moral codes because it pertains to their Hogwarts properties.

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Whether or not a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin, those characteristics information the liked characters of the wizarding international thru fight, hardship, and private vendettas. The similar may well be mentioned for Clint and Kate who, twelve months after the nerve-racking occasions of Avengers: Endgame, will have to defeat the legal underworld as Christmas approaches. How would the characters of Hawkeye align with their respective Hogwarts space?

Clint Barton – Hufflepuff

Clint Barton with a bow and arrow in Hawkeye

All Clint desires is to spend Christmas along with his circle of relatives, regardless of the associated fee. That suggests sacrificing his time as his civilian self and changing into Hawkeye once more to be able to battle a hoop of criminals all the way through New York Town.

By means of teaming up with Kate, revisiting tricky moments from the previous, or even taking part in LARPing to win again a go well with, Hawkeye proves that his allegiance is in opposition to the ones he cares about. Like all excellent Hufflepuff, this Avenger is motivated by means of loyalty to these round him, justice as he sees are compatible, and the worth of onerous paintings to perform his targets.


Jack Duquesne – Slytherin

Jack-Duquesne in Hawkeye

When offered to her mom’s new fiance, Jack Duquesne, Kate immediately senses risk inside him. It’s no longer that each one Slytherins are villainous, however this one simply could be. Jack’s uncle, Armand, already has ties to the legal international, giving the Hawkeye antagonist get right of entry to to assets and affect all the way through town.

Within the comedian books, Jack is going by means of Swordsman — making the sword battle between him and Kate that a lot more important. Like audiences’ favourite Slytherins with elitist ties (ahem, Draco Malfoy), Jack comes from a rich Ecu circle of relatives. It’s unclear what his motives are in Hawkeye, however vengeance turns out most likely.

Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak – Slytherin


Believe Fra Price’s portrayal of Kazimierz “Kazi” Kazimierczak as an beginning tale of types. This violent Polish mercenary has ties to the Tracksuit Mafia, Daredevil’s Kingpin, and Jack Duquesne.

Even if Kazi doesn’t seem in his signature clown make-up simply but, there’s nonetheless time for the nature to broaden. With a afflicted previous and historical past of being employed to kill, Kazi is bound to slot in along with his fellow Slytherins.

Kate Bishop – Gryffindor

Kate Bishop holding a bow and arrow in Hawkeye

Like lots of the new faces discovered within the MCU, Kate is as positive of herself as she is naive. She is part of the era that grew up witnessing destruction and corruption by the hands of the Avengers — and bore witness to her father’s homicide right through the 2012 Combat of New York. Kate additionally witnessed Hawkeye’s powers right through this time which impressed her to first pick out up a bow and arrow.

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Just about ten years later, Kate reunites together with her hero once more and learns of her personal features within the procedure. In an interview with Collider, Hailee Steinfeld recounted how taking part in the 22-year-old pressured her to “discover a self assurance, decision, and self-discipline that’s at all times been inside me.” Between Kate’s braveness, robust ethical compass, and attempt for good fortune, the Sorting Hat would definitely position her in Gryffindor with the remainder of the Harry Potter heroes.

Derek Bishop – Gryffindor

Derek Bishop with a young Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

Kate’s father, Derek Bishop, simplest gave the impression within the first short time of Hawkeye. Whilst his daughter used to be stored right through the Combat of New York, Derek confronted different instances. It’s transparent that Derek’s dying affected his daughter very much and most likely served as a catalyst for her personal endeavors.

After all, his frame isn’t proven and the rest can occur within the MCU. Derek exists as a hero in Kate’s reminiscence, in spite of his legal actions. There’s nonetheless a lot to be exposed about this personality who strays from his comedian e-book counterpart, however within the eyes of Kate, he could be a real Gryffindor.

Maya Lopez – Slytherin

Maya Lopez/Echo in Hawkeye

There’s no yet one more resourceful or decided than Maya Lopez — a real Slytherin. She is the chief of the Tracksuit Mafia who will move directly to turn out to be the MCU’s newest villain, Echo. Maya is the 2d d/Deaf personality to wreck into the MCU, and lots of of her skills (and tribulations) are a results of this.

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Maya’s position within the comics will likely be other from the Disney+ collection (which most probably gained’t display the romantic subplot between her and Clint). However her beginning tale stays the similar. After the dying of her father, Maya learns the artwork of combating to avenge his dying.

Eleanor Bishop – Ravenclaw

Eleanor Bishop in Hawkeye

Eleanor Bishop’s place as CEO at a tech corporate and overbearing dating together with her daughter might seem like the characteristics of a Slytherin. However she is calculated, discovering techniques to transport on after her husband’s dying a decade prior.

Her knowledge and mind are that of a Ravenclaw; even though Eleanor might appear chilly in some sense she is protective her daughter simply the similar. However, Eleanor will likely be marrying Jack quickly, so who is aware of what she has deliberate.

Yelena Belova/Black Widow – Gryffindor

Black Widow's sister, yelena belova, in Hawkeye

Audiences first stuck a glimpse of Yelena Belova in episode 3 of Hawkeye. After combating off assailants, her face is published to be the sister of the past due Black Widow. Little else is understood about Yelena’s position within the Disney+ collection however is predicted to herald a brand new age for the MCU.

Whether or not she is right here to query Clint about her sister’s dying or take issues into her personal palms, the whole lot Yelena does is within the title of circle of relatives. She is dependable, brave, and the whole lot else the Sorting Hat would search for in a Gryffindor.

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