Guillermo Del Toro shoots down Silent Hill rumors

Lovers will have gotten their hopes up after a tease from Guillermo Del Toro at The Recreation Awards of one thing Silent Hill-related, however it sort of feels it used to be thinking about naught, as he isn’t running on a Silent Hill recreation, or any recreation for that subject.

Talking to the Glad Unhappy At a loss for words podcast, Del Toro spoke out of authentic frustration at the truth that his and Hideo Kojima’s collaboration, Silent Hills, used to be unceremoniously cancelled via Konami. Del Toro principally sought after to poke the writer about it: “I roughly simply sought after to tickle the ribs of Konami, as a result of I don’t perceive. That used to be so easiest, what we have been going to do used to be so mesmerizing.”

No longer best did Del Toro firmly deny he used to be running on a brand new Silent Hill recreation, he close down any chance of running on any recreation, as he calls himself the “albatross” of gaming because of the entire video games he’s attempted to increase being cancelled, the opposite of which used to be Madness, which used to be being advanced in partnership with Saints Row developer Volition till it used to be canceled in 2012.

Del Toro nonetheless controlled to make his mark at the business, alternatively small, because of his friendship with Kojima resulting in a small phase for him in Demise Stranding. Talking of that recreation, it not too long ago had a Director’s Lower unencumber for PS5. It’s additionally a recreation that even its writer doesn’t absolutely perceive. Nonetheless, a sequel is also at the approach. Possibly we would possibly see Del Toro once more in that recreation.

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