Genshin Affect Shenhe & Yun Jin Voice Actors 10 Seiyuu Predictions

Genshin Affect developer miHoYo will have to divulge in a couple of days the voice actors (seiyuu) of Shenhe and Yun Jin coming in Model 2.4, so let’s percentage our guesses and expect who’s perhaps to voice them.

The Genshin Affect Model 2.4 livestream in a couple of days will divulge the seiyuu for brand new characters Shenhe and Yun Jin. First, it’s necessary to notice that Genshin Affect is a sport made via otaku for otaku. miHoYo spends a lot more time and price range at the Eastern dub than on another language’s dub.

Secondly, all Genshin Affect characters are in response to in style archetypes or are very similar to vintage anime characters. And miHoYo typecasts those characters, as hinted at in our interview, and later showed within the first Tomoaki Maeno video interview for Zhongli. It’s without a doubt the case with 5-star characters however much less so with 4-star characters. Apart from for the ones necessary within the tale, who’re all voiced via veterans becoming their archetypes.

In different phrases, it’s simple to make seiyuu (Eastern voice actresses and actors) predictions for Genshin Affect, as the entire in style ones will inevitably finally end up within the sport in the future.

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Genshin Affect Shenhe and Yun Jin – 10 voice actor (seiyuu) predictions

From what we all know to this point, Shenhe is the disciple of Cloud Retainer who acts essentially the most like an Adeptus and prefer Cloud Retainer herself. In spite of being human. Shenhe’s a Cryo person too, so you’ll be expecting her to have a chilly or cool persona general.

Moreover, sure seiyuu like Miyuki Sawashiro would without a doubt are compatible Shenhe. However Sawashiro already voices Ei, and I will be able to guarantee you miHoYo won’t ever reuse a seiyuu within the Eastern dub. It’ll be a wasted alternative to get some gacha income. So this narrows down the selections much more.

In the meantime, it’s more difficult to expect who may voice Yun Jin. Seeing she’s an opera singer and a gothic lolita I’m anticipating miHoYo to present her a fairly large seiyuu with a making a song profession. However as a 4-star persona, I wouldn’t be stunned in the event that they went for a newer however much less in style voice actress for Yun Jin.

1/ Yumi Toma – Lenneth in Valkyrie Profile

Yumi Toma is a large veteran seiyuu within the trade, energetic because the past due 80s. She voiced a number of primary characters in classics like Deedlit in Lodoss. A reference function for Shenhe may well be Lenneth in Valkyrie Profile. Shenhe is described as being “far away to earthly existence” which may well be very similar to Lenneth, who’s sort to people however nonetheless sticks to her activity as a Valkyrie, harvesting souls. And naturally, Lenneth is technically a lance persona when the use of her iconic finisher Nibelung Valesti.

2/ Mariko Suzuki – Kos-Mos in Xenosaga

Mariko Suzuki is some other veteran seiyuu who may without a doubt are compatible Shenhe assuming miHoYo goes for the chilly and impassive kind. Although I wouldn’t be stunned if miHoYo is saving Mariko Suzuki for a playable android persona from Snezhnaya, with an idea very similar to Katheryne.

3/ Haruka Tomatsu – Bell in Beautiful Rhythm Rainbow Reside

Haruka Tomatsu continuously voices strong-willed feminine opponents, together with her most well liked function being Asuna in Sword Artwork On-line. Then again, one function that makes me call to mind her for Shenhe is Bell Renjouji from Beautiful Collection. Very similar to how Bell dedicates the whole lot to her coaching, Shenhe spent years devoted to studying the Adeptus arts and exorcism.

Haruka Tomatsu has an unbelievable vary and may simply are compatible a excessive society girl like Yun Jin too. She already voiced identical characters corresponding to Haru in Character 5. Then again, she may well be a too large of a reputation for a 4-star persona. Particularly seeing Yun Jin may now not play a large function in the primary tale.

4/ Mamiko Noto – Enma Ai in Jigoku Shoujo

If Shenhe seems to be even less warm than anticipated, and downright horrifying like a yandere, Mamiko Noto will be the very best are compatible. More youthful anime enthusiasts know Mamiko Noto for voicing Scáthach in FGO, so miHoYo may opt for that as she’s additionally a very talked-about polearm persona.

Mamiko Noto could be a beautiful simple selection for Yun Jin too, as she already voiced very identical characters. Then again, I wouldn’t be stunned if miHoYo in truth stored Mamiko Noto for a shouta persona, as she continuously voiced younger male or effeminate characters in her profession.

5/ Maaya Sakamoto – Shiki Ryougi in Kara no Kyoukai

Some other veteran seiyuu who’s certain to finally end up in Genshin Affect at some point. It is a very obtrusive selection. Maaya Sakamoto would without a doubt are compatible Shenhe as she has one of the vital coolest voices in the market, very best for a lot of these characters.

Maaya Sakamoto would additionally simply are compatible Yun Jin, particularly her opera singer portions. Sakamoto started her profession as a singer seiyuu with Escaflowne‘s OP and lead function as Hitomi in 96. However once more, she may well be too large for the function.

6/ Nana Mizuki – Destiny Testarossa in Lyrical Nanoha

Nana Mizuki is some other seiyuu who’ll without a doubt finally end up in Genshin Affect in the future. She is the most important feminine singer seiyuu of all time along with Megumi Hayashibara, and may simply are compatible both Shenhe or Yun Jin.

Then again, in a similar fashion to how Itto is just about a homage persona tailored for T.M. Revolution, miHoYo is most likely saving Mizuki Nana for an excessively explicit persona.

Observe that Nanoha’s seiyuu Yukari Tamura may additionally are compatible both Shenhe or Yun Jin, however she’s already voicing Qiqi.

Genshin Affect | Arataki Itto Persona Demo Trailer



Genshin Affect | Arataki Itto Persona Demo Trailer





7/ Yukana – C.C. in Code Geass

Shenhe is incessantly fallacious for an Adeptus in spite of being human, and Yukana could be a beautiful just right are compatible for that. Yukana could make each extremely cool voices like C.C or extraordinarily high-pitched voices like Tessa from Complete Steel Panic, and she or he may simply voice both Shenhe or Yun Jin. This is among the predictions I’m essentially the most assured about.

8/ Asami Sanada – Kurumi in Date A Reside

Asami Sanada is but some other veteran who can voice the dumbest however cutest characters like Dejiko in Di Gi Charat to the sultry gothic lolita Kurumi Tokisaki in Date A Reside. She may simply voice both Shenhe or Yun Jin, and I’m anticipating her to enroll in the Genshin Affect solid in the future.

9/ Houko Kuwashima – Presea in Stories of Symphonia

Some other no-brainer massive veteran selection if miHoYo is going for the chilly and impassive kind for Shenhe. Houko Kuwashima can do such a lot of other voices it’d be a disgrace to solid her now regardless that. She’s additionally certainly one of my best possible choices for Yun Jin.

10/ Yuu Asakawa – Rider (Medusa) in Destiny/keep evening

Rider, voiced via Yuu Asakawa, is among the most well liked large sister kind characters in otaku tradition. This may well be who miHoYo picked if Shenhe’s persona has a large sister aspect to it under the coldness.

There are a number of different seiyuu I can have introduced up, and I may simply do a best 20 of the seiyuu who may voice Shenhe or upcoming 5-star characters. I can have integrated a number of different obtrusive possible choices like Akemi Kanda, Satsuki Yukino, Mai Nakahara, Mitsuki Saiga, and so on, however what do you guys assume? Inform me within the feedback or on Twitter @A_iyane07.

We’ll know needless to say who’s voicing Shenhe and Yun Jin all the way through the approaching Genshin Affect 2.4 Livestream. miHoYo hasn’t introduced a date but nevertheless it’s very most likely it’ll occur on December 26 seeing previous patterns.

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