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The primary season of Hawkeye is within the bag and speculations of a imaginable follow-up are within the air. Amidst all this pleasure, many enthusiasts are theorizing the place the display may move subsequent and what unresolved headaches wish to be addressed.

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What’s in retailer for the MCU now with Yelena forgiving Clint for Natasha’s dying, Laura Barton admitting to being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and Clint in any case spending a while together with his circle of relatives in peace? We would possibly not get the entire solutions we wish, however let’s put those questions in the market and check out to paintings them out.

What Took place to the Avengers Tower?


The Avengers tower that loomed over New York Town is any such placing visible, so it’s surprising to determine that any person went forward and purchased the construction. Clint in brief mentions it’s been purchased, however the who and why of the thriller stays unsolved.

Some theories appear to indicate that Kingpin is the consumer of the tower, given his look on the finish of episode 5, “Ronin”. This may imply hassle if the Avengers Tower is within the improper fingers. Some additionally say it used to be purchased out via Reed Richards so as to arrange the highly-anticipated upcoming Unbelievable 4. Even Norman Osborne’s title used to be thrown out given his fresh look within the MCU, however given the occasions of No Means House, it’s extremely not likely. Looks as if we’ll want a phrase from Pepper Potts to wrap up this thriller!


When did Bishop get the Pym Particle Arrow?


In a funny second in episode 6 of Hawkeye, Kate Bishop fires a Pym Particle Arrow at a Consider-A-Bro truck. Slightly than crashing into her and Clint to purpose a fiery and fatal mess, the duo’s truck shrinks down to actually a tiny toy automotive model that veers away.

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That is an fun and funky second, however it leads one to surprise how Bishop controlled to get her fingers on such generation that’s forward of even Clint — and what different connections she may have.

Who’s Mockingbird?


Mockingbird served as Clint’s love passion during the collection, even though we by no means were given to understand her true id. Alternatively, within the Hawkeye comedian books, she is referred to as Agent 19. The nature used to be portrayed via Adrianne Palicki at the ABC collection Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D. below the title Bobbi Morse, solidifying her as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Alternatively, when Clint offers his spouse Laura Barton a Rolex, she flips it over and that’s once we see the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo with the quantity 19. This may certainly be a delicate trace that Laura Barton and Mockingbird are the similar other folks. Alternatively, the solution to this stays one of the most greatest mysteries of the collection.

Is Kingpin Useless?


Episode 6 of Hawkeye went out with a bang, rather actually. When Maya Lopez – AKA Echo – faced Kingpin to avenge the dying of her father. Echo shoots Kingpin, killing him… supposedly.

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We by no means were given to peer the instant the place Echo killed Kingpin, so it leaves one to wonder whether Kingpin is in reality useless, and may we see extra of him? Making an allowance for his very transient look in Hawkeye, it might be imaginable that he’ll make a go back…sooner or later.

Will Clint Go the Torch To Kate Bishop?


Hawkeye has been seeking to get out of his superhero industry ever since Captain The usa: Civil Battle, however it sort of feels hassle assists in keeping on coming his method regardless of how laborious he fights it. Together with his Ronin storyline entire Kate appearing as his sidekick during the collection, Clint is in any case given an opportunity to retire his bow and arrow and put the previous at the back of him.

Doing this may additionally make Kate Bishop the brand new “Hawkeye”, Clint opting to mentor her which is able to repay the student-teacher dynamic they shared. If Hawkeye will get renewed for a 2nd season, this might be the route they’re heading against.

Why Used to be Lauren Barton’s Watch Stolen?


Within the Hawkeye season finale, we discover out that the S.H.I.E.L.D.-branded Avengers Compound watch stolen via the Tracksuit Mafia belonged to Laura Barton. This brings up the query as to why this used to be stolen within the first position. It’s imaginable that Echo knew the watch belonged to the spouse of Ronin, the person she used to be looking as a result of he killed her circle of relatives. Moreover, Clint defined to Kate Bishop that the watch belonged to any individual he labored with. Is he implying that Laura, his spouse, was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent as smartly.

After all, Kate finds that Echo knew Hawkeye’s circle of relatives names on account of the watch, however it’s by no means transparent how she used to be in a position to decipher such data. The watch used to be a robust motivator for Clint to combat towards Kingpin and his cronies, however there are simply a ways too many unsolved threads hooked up to Echo and the watch. We will be able to simplest hope that this will probably be defined in a 2nd season.

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