10 Predictions From ‘The Simpsons’ That Got here True

Are the writers time vacationers, or are they associated with Nostradamus? The Simpsons, the animated comedy airs its thirty third Season in 2022, and not disappoints audience with its eerie predictions that ring true years later.

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The Simpsons circle of relatives is made up of a number of characters, however the primary characters are Homer (voiced via Dan Castellaneta), Marge (voiced via Julie Kavner), Lisa (voiced via Yeardley Smith), Bart (voiced via Nancy Cartwright), and Maggie. Every episode is full of the Simpsons circle of relatives interacting with different citizens of Springfield together with visitor stars that seemed in some episodes on The Simpsons. But what intrigues audience is how some occasions have been predicted via The Simpsons writers no less than 5 years earlier than it came about. May or not it’s that The Simpsons truly predicts international occasions or is the sector simply following The Simpsons script?

Girl Gaga and The Superbowl

Lady Gaga in The Simpsons
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

Certainly one of The Simpsons Superbowl episodes integrated a prediction of a musical artist’s efficiency. Within the 2012 episode “Lisa Is going Gaga,” (season 23, episode 22), Girl Gaga visits Springfield and carried out her songs whilst flying over an target audience, and at one level, performed the piano all the way through her live performance.

In 2017, Gaga carried out on the Superbowl LI Halftime Display acting her largest hits together with “Poker Face,” and “Dangerous Romance.” All the way through her halftime display efficiency, Gaga used to be lifted above the target audience. Later within the display, she additionally performed “Million Causes,” at the piano.


Walt Disney and Fox Merger

Sign that says
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

In 1998, within the episode “When You Want Upon a Superstar” (season 10, episode 5), Homer met Alec 1st earl baldwin of bewdley (voiced via 1st earl baldwin of bewdley) and Kim Basinger (voiced via Basinger) and made up our minds to paintings for them. Homer instructed an concept for a film all the way through his telephone name to twentieth Century Fox executives. The following scene of the episode confirmed that twentieth Century Fox used to be now owned via Walt Disney.

In March 2019, Walt Disney introduced a $71 billion merger with twenty first Century Fox. In 2021, Disney and Fox settled at the streaming rights in relation to the movies that Disney would personal. In different phrases, this settled what motion pictures can be only on Hulu/Disney+ or HBO Max and the cut-off date for the settlement.

Trump Presidency

Donald Trump and Homer Simpson (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) in 'The Simpsons'
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

The episode “Bart to the Long run” (season 11, episode 17) premiered in 2000, the place Bart Simpson noticed his and his sister’s long run. The chief of the rustic used to be Lisa Simpson, Lisa discussed that the USA used to be tasked with solving the economic system after former Donald Trump’s presidency.

Now not handiest used to be Trump elected President in 2016, however one scene from the display appeared as though it used to be nearly replicated in genuine existence. In the similar episode, a crowd of folks watched as Donald Trump descended an escalator. Actually, President Trump additionally descended the escalator with First Girl Melania Trump whilst a bunch of supporters watched within the background.

USA Curling Staff

Marge Simpson, voiced by Julie Kavner, curling during the Olympics in The Simpsons
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

In 2010, the episode “Boy Meets Curl,” (season 21, episode 12) premiered the place Homer and Marge arrived on the skating enviornment handiest to peer that it used to be closed to these training curling. They attempted their hand at curling and in the end joined the U.S. Curling (Blended Doubles) Staff all the way through the Iciness Olympics. All the way through the episode, the U.S. workforce gained a gold medal and defeated Sweden.

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In 2018, the U.S. Olympics Curling Staff, led via Josh Shuster, gained their first gold medal for Curling. The U.S. workforce additionally beat Sweden within the 2018 Olympic with a ranking of 10 to 7.


Marge Simpson on a screen in The Simpsons
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

In 1995, within the episode “Lisa’s Wedding ceremony,” Lisa went to a fortune-teller that predicted Lisa’s long run in 2010. Lisa’s long run consisted of her marrying her faculty sweetheart. Excited to percentage the inside track, she referred to as her mother. The telephone that Lisa dialed integrated a display that confirmed Marge’s face in real-time hooked up to a rotary dial.

Whilst Skype used to be invented in 2003, it served essentially because the calling carrier used on computer systems. In 2010, Apple introduced that it evolved “FaceTime” for Apple customers, the app allowed customers not to handiest communicate however see the person who they have been speaking to during the telephone’s digicam.

Matrix 4 Premiere

Homer Simpson, voiced by Dan Castellaneta, standing in a movie theater with the poster
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

This Simpson prediction used to be simple to leave out within the 2004 episode “The Ziff Who Got here To Dinner,” in season 15, episode 14. Firstly of the episode in the back of Homer Simpson is a film poster that learn “A Matrix Christmas,” “Coming Quickly.” The picture introduced Neo (performed via Keanu Reeves) in a Christmas hat.

The Matrix used to be launched in 1999 whilst The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions have been launched in 2003. It wouldn’t be till 2021 that the following dystopia movie in The Matrix franchise can be launched. The Matrix Resurrections used to be launched December 22, 2021, in the USA. Whilst Neo used to be entrance and heart at the poster, he, sadly, wasn’t dressed in a Christmas hat.


A man in a cloud of germs in The Simpsons
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

In 1993, the Simpsons first aired the episode “Marge in Chains” from season 4, episode 21. The episode involved in Marge (voiced via Kavner) charged with shoplifting and compelled to serve jail time. The remainder of Springfield stuck the Osaka Flu after a cargo of goods reached Springfield.

Osaka Flu brought about a identical pandemic because the COVID-19 pandemic. The Osaka Flu originated from a unique nation earlier than it made its solution to the U.S. As well as, the episode didn’t have a remedy instantly to be had and the physician of the episode beneficial that the sufferers were given some mattress leisure, very similar to how the scientists have been nonetheless trying out out their vaccine to stop the COVID-19 virus.

Homicide Hornets

Box labeled
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

In the similar episode that The Simpsons predicted a virulent disease, in addition they gave clues to every other outbreak. All the way through the episode “Marge in Chains,” a crowd of folks demanded that they sought after a placebo to remedy their sickness. When one of the crucial individuals of the gang pointed at a truck that would cling the placebos, the gang knocked the truck over liberating a swarm of “killer bees.”

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Very similar to round the similar time because the COVID19 outbreak, there have been studies of the Asian Large Hornet showing within the U.S., one of those “killer bee”. The Asian Large Hornet used to be claimed to be a risk to the bee inhabitants and used to be reported that they might wreck a whole bee colony as discussed via The New York Instances.

Tom Hanks Endorses the United States

Tom Hanks in The Simpsons Movie with the a father, girl, and boy standing over the Grand Canyon in the background
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

In The Simpsons Film (2007), actor Tom Hanks made a cameo look all the way through a industrial scene that the Simpsons have been staring at. All the way through the economic, a father took his two kids to peer the Grand Canyon, however his daughter used to be unimpressed via the landmark and asked for there to be a brand new Grand Canyon. Subsequent, Hanks enters the scene pointing out that the “US executive misplaced its credibility, so it’s borrowing a few of mine.”

In 2022, three hundred and sixty five days after President Joe Biden’s presidency, Hanks seemed within the industrial pointing out the American citizens’ resolution as they persisted financial hardships brought about via the COVID19 Pandemic. The video involved in The us’s theme of rebuilding its economic system and highlighting the successes of Biden’s management up to now.

Ukraine Disaster

Man with a sign that says
Symbol by way of twentieth Century Fox

The episode, “The Simpson Tide” (season 9, episode 19) premiered in 1998. Within the episode, a consultant of each and every nation met on the United Countries meet and have been discussing each and every of the rustic’s plans. The consultant from Russia claimed that they sought after the remainder of the international locations to suppose that the Soviet Union used to be up to now. Following that used to be scenes of the Soviet Union flag hung in addition to infantrymen lining up.

This tragic prediction is assumed to be the newest that got here true in 2022. Russia had seized regulate of Crimea in 2014. In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine and attacked Ukrainian electorate with airstrikes. The Simpsons showrunner discussed that this prediction doesn’t evaluate to one of the display’s ‘trivial’ predictions, however moderately from the continuing tensions obtrusive right through historical past.

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